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Whether you are developing for web, mobile, windows or Linux, you can use our multi-platform SDK to enable communication in all of your applications.

Fault Tolerant

Opentact runs in a cluster with all nodes active, meaning that as long as your applications are built on top of Openatct, you are automatically fault tolerance. Along with the ability to failover from one server to another on the fly, Opentact gives you unmatched uptime.

Infinitely Scalable

Opentact is designed from the group to be massive scalable. Being clusterable, the code base is constantly optimized to handle more load per node. It thus can scale to millions of concurrent users.


Opentact API is extremely easy to develop on. We are kept updating our API to expose more and more features and functionality. There is no training needed to start enabling IM, Voice, Video, Streaming in your own application with a few lines of codes.

Highly Adaptable

Opentact offers many features and can adapt to various use cases. We are the platfoorm of choice no matter which area you are working in: mobile messaging, gaming, internet of things, video streaming it can do it all.

100% Connectivity

Opentact works with tier one carrier all over the world to provide high quality voice and SMS with 100% connectivity. Besides P2P voice, and chat, we bridge your app to the traditional telecom world.

Opentact is FREE

Opentact is built on top of belief that all software should be free and only.

You only pay for areas that Opentact has hard cost such as Number, Termination, SMS, Storage, Bandwidth and Servers required for additional Analytic.